Cosi Cement Gas Fire Lantern

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Cosi Cement Gas Fire Lantern.

The Scoop Cement is a unique collector’s item. Featuring rough-finish glass and concrete effect materials, this robust and atmospheric gas lantern is a real statement piece

Place this lantern in your garden and impress your friends and family! This lantern is very easy to use; simply place a 190 grams gas cartridge in the bottom of the Cosicement and light with an extended lighter.

Do you want to turn it off in the meantime? No problem, the control knob makes it easy to extinguish and the lantern can be simply ignited again the next time with a long lighter

All Scoop gas lanterns operate on a universal 190-gram gas cartridge. If the gas lantern loses contact with the cartridge, the gas stop valve automatically does its job. The Scoop gas lantern can burn for approximately 5-6 hours on a 190-gram cartridge. The glass and pebbles are supplied as standard

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