Cosi Scoop Timber Round Gas Fire Lantern

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Cosi Scoop Timber Tabletop Gas Fire.

The Cosiscoop Timber is the perfect mood maker. The wonderful teak wood, stylish glass and the atmospheric flame make the Cosiscoop Timber the real eyecatcher of the Scoop collection

Cosi gas lantern create a cosy atmosphere and extend your sultry summer evening. The Scoop Timber is handy and easy to use. Insert and turn the gas canister in the base of the gas lantern, turn the knob and light the Scoop lantern with a long lighter. On a gas cartridge, the Cosiscoop Timber burns for 5-6 hours, so you can enjoy the flames all evening long

Do you want to turn it off in the meantime? No problem, the control knob makes it easy to extinguish and the lantern can be simply ignited again the next time with a long lighter

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